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[#CAD] Just Love Cianora <3
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Thank you all for playing with us this server.

It was a honor & thanks to our great leader vegito <3

See ya guys
Burma Org posted 1 year ago

Lose round 9 & 10 in magwe.

& we will end in bonus drop <3

So hit vs burma. Go hit britisch side
Burma Org posted 1 year ago

as vegito already said this is the rounds we need to win & Lose:"

We have DS r1, r3,r7, r8 / HS r7, r8
i ask for u to go after those steps
WIN r1 , r3, r7, r8, r9, r10, r13,r15
LOSE r2, r4, r5, r6 r11 r12 r14

Pls hit like that so battle ends in bonus drop!!!!
Burma Org posted 1 year ago

people that need food.

& are burma CS

Pls state in the comments how much you need. Gifts will be send this evening also.

Burma Org posted 1 year ago

In the last 10 days if you have bin hitting for burma show the org a screen shot of your limits & Medkits & we will try to give you as much food & gifts as possible.

Burma Org posted 1 year ago

The next person that accept random people in Burma wont get a single supply from the org at server ending.

There are people that have hit for burma that can be accept but randoms are not welcome.
Burma Org posted 1 year ago

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