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Org is stolen by previous presidents but we still can give only a few supps for the end.PM Zeus if you need some.we have mostly weps!
Siam Org posted 2 years ago

those who are active players (2 times a day\avilable on discord)

submit for Congress candidate!
we need responsible players!

those who arent active but still want 5 gold plz leave the congress after election so u dont interrupt with our doing.

Siam Org posted 2 years ago

for any problem with the subside system plz make sure to join the support channel and ask for their help in creating a ticket.

complain to make e-sim great again!

(we try to get rid of org management so it will be not necessary anymore- and it work pretty good)
Siam Org posted 2 years ago

We tried to make friendly fight for BH and drop , whole alliance of free-world intervene and used it for Excuse to try to wipe us.

we trick them in ת cut them off and got the drops.

we see now the real nutre of the server - who help , who wanted premium , and whom we cant trust.

tnx to our enemy's to revel themselves.

remember - country is made for serve the citizens.
not the citizens serve the country.

rest a while.
get ready for more fun!
Siam Org posted 2 years ago

Yes Yes Yes !!! 5/5 Medkits !!
Good Job Siam !

keep activity in discord !
Discord Link
thank you <3
Siam Org posted 2 years ago

we are giving away Q5 weap for wining the cup come to our discord (link) to recive your 50weap
Siam Org posted 2 years ago

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